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Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy

Privacy notice in accordance with the legislative decree no. 196/2003, art.13, on the use of  Personal Data.

Nuova Commerciale Siciliana s.r.l., hereafter indicated as ‘Company’, would like to provide you with the following information regarding the use of Your personal data.

1) Source of personal information: Personal data are collected directly via the person concerned.

2) Objectives: Personal data will be used for the following objectives:
1. to allow to register  to the Company website and to use of the services provided within the website
2. for operational, administrative and accounting needs;
3. to fulfil any obligations required by laws and regulations, especially when related to taxes;
4. to monitor the evolution of customer relations and the related risks, and to improve these relations.

2.1)  Use of  your personal data for marketing goals
1. Beside the objectives listed above, we may use your personal data also for the following purposes: to constantly improve your shopping experience and to make it more customised to the client; to communicate with you regarding specific products or marketing offers; to suggest products or services that might be of your interest.
2. For these reasons we use existing information as the historical data of your purchases, confirmations of receipt, read confirmations, the products you have paid attention to, and other information we receive from you (including those info which are produced and transferred automatically).
3. We send in particular communications including Discounts, Special Offers and New Products. To do so we use the contact information you provided to us and refer to the approval  you gave us regarding the use of your personal data.
4. You may at any time decide of not receiving anymore our communications. You are invited to express your intention in written by using the contact info specified in the Contact page of this website (e.g. via email, fax or post). As an alternative you may also use the unsubscribing link included at the end of all marketing communications sent via email.

2.2.) Cookie: Please refer to our Cookie Policy.

3) Ways of use: The treatment of personal data will imply the use of manual, computer and telematic means; any of these ways of use will guarantee the privacy of personal data.

4) Data collection: To input your personal data is needed to allow Nuova Commerciale Siciliana s.r.l. to provide you with its services and to reply to your requests.

5) Data sharing and circulation: the personal data, collected to pursue the objectives indicated in paragraph n.1, may be shared only when:

1. this communication would be compulsory to ensure the observance of laws and other binding regulations;
2. this communication would be compulsory to ensure the right development of the customer relation entertained. Personal data may be revealed to private and governmental third parties, individual or juridical third parties, having goals related to business and/or informatics systems management and/or payment systems, including those individual/bodies taking care of specific tasks on behalf of the company itself. In particular, data may be revealed to the following categories of people: sales network, banks and payment systems management societies, lawyers and consultants, auditing societies, governmental or administrative authorities, Italian and international suppliers, financing societies, transport companies, companies in charge of monitoring the quality of sales and logistics flow, any other societies belonging to our Group. Data might be also shared with other entities, but only in anonymous and aggregate way and for statistics goals.

6) Data transfer abroad: Your personal data may be shared with suppliers and other third parties located abroad, within or out of the European Union, only within the limits of those necessary operations for the execution of the contractual relation between you and the company.

7) Rights of the concerned person: In accordance with art. n. 7 and following articles of legislative decree no. 196/2003, You have, moreover, the right to:

1. obtain confirmation of the existence or not existence of personal data regarding you in our database, and to have them communicated in an understandable way
2. obtain, by the Owner or the Responsible person for the treatment:

i) indications on the origin of personal data, on the goals and on the ways o fuse, on the logic applied in case of electronic treatment;
ii) indications on the personal information identifying the Owner or the Responsible person of the treatment, or the representative nominated by a foreign party to take care of data treatment in Italy
iii) indications on the people or the categories of peoples, acting as representatives, owners or designed people, with whom data might be shared.

3. have:

i) the data that regard you updated, modified or completed;
ii) the data that regard you and that are treated in violation of law, cancelled, made anonymous or blocked; including those data that do not need to be used to reach the objectives they have originally be collected for;

4. take position, partially or totally, against:

i) for legitimate reasons, the treatment of data that regard you, even if necessary to reach the objective of the data collection;
ii) the treatment of personal data that regard you, as required by sales and marketing goals, including the sharing of promotional communications, direct sales, market research and sales notices. All rights mentioned above may be  enforced directly or via a representative, in accordance to articles 8 and 9 of the legislative decree no. 196/2003.

8) Owner and Representative: We confirm, moreover, that the Owner of the Treatment is the writing Society, located in Via L. Da Vinci. 1 – 95029 – Viagrande (CT), Italy, reachable at the following email address or via the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.

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