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Sicily, named 'The Island of the Sun' in mythological tales, and named 'Trinacria' by the Greeks, recalling the three promontories that help drawing it, 'Capo Peloro', 'Capo Lilibeo' and 'Capo delle Corrrenti', is inhabited by Divinities, that still transfer to it a special magic atmosphere, and was scene of endless crossroads, fights, different cultures, from the Greeks and the Romans, to the Arabs and Norman, to the French and the Spanish, who in large measure also contributed to enrich the beauty of the Island.

Sicily offers a great patrimony of landscapes, culture, archaeology and culinary art, which surprises the eyes of the tourist and often condemns to endless love who lives or has been living there.

In these pages we will do our best to enlighten some of the treasures of this splendid region. 
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